Just like our stomachs, here’s is a list that will never be satisfied.

From our travels throughout the years, we’ve made an effort to document the best restaurants and food this world has to offer. To make the list, here are our requirements:

  • UNIQUE: An exclusive menu with exclusive ingredients or plates
  • LOCAL: Typically 5 locations or less (unless it’s really, really good)

Spoonthumbs worldwide restaurant recommendations are based on three criteria: Food (Quality & Creativity), Atmosphere, and Service. If you see something recommended on our list, you can rest assured knowing that the restaurant has passed our test for all three factors. (Or at least has a really strong two.) Creative meals cooked well in unique atmosphere with attentive service to boast is key to an incredible find. As you travel, give these places a try!

Our restaurants are colored as follows:

  1. MUST TRY (Seriously, you HAVE to eat here)  (
  2. REALLY, REALLY GOOD (Make time to visit)
  3. WORTH A STOP (If you’re close, stop on by!)

P.S. You can save a copy of this map in your personal Google Maps account or feel free to share the with friends! To search through various options, view the map in full-screen. (Don’t forget to check out our blog for weekly visits and hotspots!)

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