Spoonthumbs is created by Jeremy Gratil- a simple dude who loves food.

I’m a self-taught chef with more than 15 years experience in the kitchen. It all began way back as an annoying little 12 year old and ever since then, I’ve taken private lessons and spent hundreds of hours in the kitchen teaching myself new recipes and techniques to share with others.

Early on in junior high, I decided to split away from my friends’ usual classes and try my luck with a semester in home economics. It was there I quickly picked up on my talents and learned to love cooking. Right around this same time I finally experienced the world of teenage freedom–aka earning a couple bucks a week and then blowing it every weekend on meals at restaurants with friends.

These formative years helped to shape my passion for food–whether that’s cooking at home for myself, catering a party with friends, or being the go-to-guy for recommendations on up-and-coming restaurants around town.

Now I’m here to share this passion with you!

Spoonthumbs is an online community designed for people who love food, want to learn how to cook better, or are just looking for that right place to take friends or family for a great meal. (I guess you can call these people foodies, but personally, I think that name sucks. Welcome to Spoonthumbs).

The food and restaurants we like most are things that can typically be classified as feel-good food. We believe in balance, and we also believe it’s okay to splurge every once in a while. Our food isn’t necessarily the healthiest and that’s perfectly okay. If it looks good and tastes good–you’ll find it here.

For ideas on new meals and what to make this upcoming week, check out all of our recipes here.

To learn more about cool new foods, trends, or restaurants I’ve visited, you can find more information here.

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