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Lazy Tomatillo Salsa

Lazy Tomatillo Salsa - This here's the easy version of an already easy recipe. Sometimes you're lazy though, and that's okay. Just keep reading the recipe--no one's judging you. - tomatillos ((28 oz.)), whole jalapeños (en...

Brown Ale Braised Pulled Pork Sliders with Whiskey BBQ Sauce

Brown Ale Braised Pulled Pork Sliders with Whiskey BBQ Sauce - Don’t let this list of ingredients intimidate you: 1) this recipe is ABSOLUTELY worth it and 2) it’s really not that complicated once you just sit down and do it. Repeat this to...

Classic Chicken Fried Rice

Classic Chicken Fried Rice - This is a great recipe when you’re tired and want something quick--especially if you’ve got the leftover rice to boot. In my family, I grew up eating jasmine rice with literally every meal. (Like they say... rice...

The Best Summer Barbecue You’re Missing

It's one of the best times of year: summer. For most, this means: pool parties, road trips, ice cold watermelon, and a whole lot of sweating. (Or, if you live in Phoenix like me, this also means Haboobs, scorpion season, & asinine energy bills from your overworked air...

Creamy Chimichurri Purée

Creamy Chimichurri Purée - This take on the famous South American sauce & marinade uses avocado to produce something creamy, flavorful, & herbaceous. - red wine vinegar, kosher salt, garlic (minced), shallot (minced), fresno chile (chopped &...

Fly—Don’t Run—to Pretty Bird

After more than five years in the nest, Salt Lake City-based Pretty Bird by Chef Viet Pham has finally flown the coop. This hot chicken restaurant off downtown's Regent Street has only been open a little more than a month but it’s already home to some rave reviews in...

The 20 Best Restaurants We Visited in 2017

Before getting to brass tax, here are some honorable mentions that I feel slightly guilty for leaving off of this list: Eggs in the City - Salt Lake City, UT (Breakfast) Blue Star Donuts - Portland, OR (Doughnuts) Myke's Pizza - Phoenix AZ (Pizza) MEAT Barbecue -...

Brown Butter Sage Cauliflower

Brown Butter Sage Cauliflower - This nutty, crunchy, creamy version of cauliflower is a whole new take on what's typically a boring side dish. - cauliflower, butter (unsalted), fresh sage leaves, goat cheese, salt (to taste), Prepare...

The Best Food on the North Shore of Oahu

First thing’s first: this is by no means a complete list of the best foods and restaurants on the North Shore of Oahu. (But let’s face it, Hawaii is perfect and, therefore, all of its food is equally perfect.) After a few visits in recent years, I felt the need to...

Fire Roasted Cherry Cheesecake (with Cherry Pit Whipped Cream)

Fire Roasted Cherry Cheesecake (with Cherry Pit Whipped Cream - Here's a decadent, summertime take on a classic dessert. Unbuckle your belt and get ready for some incredible times ahead. - Cherry Compote: cherries (approximately one bag),...

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala - A classic Indian staple. Hearty, flavorful, and will certainly keep you coming back for seconds. - basmati rice, water, olive oil, boneless skinless chicken breast ((approximately 1-2 breasts)), butter, white onion...

Kale & Quinoa Strawberry Salad

Kale & Quinoa Strawberry Salad - I'll be the first to admit--I'm typically not the biggest fan of kale. I'll eat it, but generally when used in other dishes, I find it to be overly bitter. Thanks to a class I was taking,...

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